If you got here it means you already know what Community Builder and what Joomla is used for, you think about using it or you are already doing that, and you need something very good to extend what you already have. We have a solution for you: the JEmbedAll component and plugin allows you to configure any number of CB searches and to embed them into your Joomla site. You can also add several tools you are offering:

  • the user can save the search form values and use them to fill in their forms with that default values. This is meant to ease their work, especially when there are big search forms, with a lot of fields to fill over and over again. Adding the [ cbsearch = cbtools ] syntax (without spaces) into the site the user have the option to mange that saved value and set the default form.
  • the user can ignore search results. Using this, when the user is searching for a specific person or a specific group of persons and he gets the same results he can filter that results by ignoring some of them depending of this own criteria. The user can manage that list, making the ignored user visible again in the search.
  • the user can save any number of users list depending of the search results. If he wants to remember (for later contact) some persons with specific skills save them. You can manage the lists using the cbtools mentioned before. That users lists can be embedded into the Joomla site using [ cblist = 123 ] syntax (without spaces) where is the ID of the list picked up from the saved lists.
  • the user can manage their privacy using the cbtools. That means some of the fields will be restricted in the CB advanced searches depending the selected Joomla users list (for example: Super Users, Editor, Author, Registered, Administrators, Guests, etc.)

You can find details about every feature in the next list: 

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How to embed a Community Builder advanced search: cbsearch
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