This component & plugin JEmbedAll feature give you the chance to embed the Community Builder advanced search form somewhere on your Joomla site and to embed the CB search results somewhere else (in some other position on the same webpage or even some other page). It can be used in 2 different ways: you can add on the page the text [ cbform = 123 ] or [ cbform = 123;URL ] without the space, where the 123 is the number of the search as you configured it in the JEmbedall configuration section (in the administrator section) and the URL is the target of the form - it will be used only when the results are on another page.

In the first case the form will always return to the same page.

In the second case you will need to put ";" between the search number and the URL, otherwise you will get an error.

In the following example the target of the form is another Joomla article where the search results are already embedded. The URL is but you should follow it the link using the form to see the results.

search number 2, horizontal with CBLists
Search keyword:
Open the search results
Search results: No results found!

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