There was a menu added in the backend to make the users navigate easier between different sections of the component.

The Conditional Forms section was partially rewritten and updated with new features, making it easier for the users to interact with the script (both in frontend and backend). It has been connected with Community Builder - if you have an account and you are logged in you don't have to enter the name and email when you fill in the form. The conditional forms can now be used to answer question the administrator can use further in your interaction or to make some order of products of services (with payment using Paypal). There are added variants of messages that are shown when you finish the quiz depending of how many pointes the visitors have scored.

The Community Builder search was updated - there were some changes in CB and involved the user lists, that search by lists had to be updated.

The extension does implement the Joomla! Update System and starting with this version you can update it from your Joomla! website. Yes, it is still a paid extension, and this Joomla was modified in order to accept that update system.

Some information about a vulnerability of JEmbedAll is online for some time. This message is a little late, but we want thank everyone for letting us know about it. The problem is already solved and the corrected code is available for download. A new version of the component (with some new feature) will be available soon.

You can generate and download e-books based on your website content.

The Paypal payment was modified and extended: you can create shopping carts for files you want sell and the generated e-books.

The payment form in the frontend was also modified: you can purchase one package file at a time (as before) or you can add it to a shopping cart. You can go to the cart and purchase all the items in the list. The 'conform purchase' form is hidden, you have to hit the "Details" button in order to appear (along with the download links or generate e-books - depending of the item).

After the component was tested with Joomla! 3.6.2 there were made a few minor adjustments (not necessary, but we wanted to improve the user experience in backend).

The Sitemap was added, so you can use the links of the website (only the categories and the articles for the moment, but that's going to change in the future - the URLs generated by other components will be added in the next versions) for improving the experience of your visitors and the discovery of your new URLs by the search engines (especially good when your website is very dynamic).

The script was updated in order to include the new modified embedded elements (Facebook made some changes, for example).

The Community Builder search was modified:

  • until now you could only load the user profiles in the same page using POST, now you have three options: the same window, new windows (new tab) and a modal window.
  • the avatar is loaded now into a lightbox windows.

Downloading files was also modified. You can still upload any number of files, in the predefined folders or new user-defined ones, but:

Some new features were added:

We can't embed the Zen spirit on your Joomla site, but we do our best to accomplish that: JEmbedAll is a package that contains a Joomla native component and a Joomla plugin, it adds a lot of features to improve your site. Why search and pay lots of money for a lot of different extensions when you find all the features in one place?

Purchasing this extension you will get the best tool for your website: we offer you a quality product that does not let you down and make your life easier. It's easy to configure and to work with. Some features have to be configured (there is a configuration section just for that in the backend) in order to be embedded and used properly in the frontend, other features are integrated and you just used them as they are. Even so, you may set some details right using the CSS attached to the predefined or user-defined strings used for embed code on your Joomla site.

The role of the component is to configure the data you are embedding using the plugin.

Purchase and download JEmbedAll, the best Joomla native extension for you!
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