We can't embed the Zen spirit on your Joomla site, but we do our best to accomplish that: JEmbedAll is a package that contains a Joomla native component and a Joomla plugin, it adds a lot of features to improve your site. Why search and pay lots of money for a lot of different extensions when you find all the features in one place?

Purchasing this extension you will get the best tool for your website: we offer you a quality product that does not let you down and make your life easier. It's easy to configure and to work with. Some features have to be configured (there is a configuration section just for that in the backend) in order to be embedded and used properly in the frontend, other features are integrated and you just used them as they are. Even so, you may set some details right using the CSS attached to the predefined or user-defined strings used for embed code on your Joomla site.

The role of the component is to configure the data you are embedding using the plugin.

So, purchase it and download the package for your Joomla version, then install it in order to have a powerful tool to embed videos (from YouTube, Google, Vimeo, Metacafe, Veoh, Dailymotion, RedTube and others), documents, images and Google forms used for quiz. You can also embed Facebook pages, plugins, images and videos, Community Builder advanced searches, Prezi and Scribd documents. Starting with the 1.3 version you can configure and embed any number of conditional forms and you can configure the Open Graph protocol and Twitter cards data, with all the data and thumbnails ready for Facebook and all the sites.

The online manual is very detailed about each feature, you can always ask questions when you don't understand something or they are not clear enough.

The only condition to embed the videos and files is to be online: Upload your videos on YouTube or Vimeo (for example) and upload your files (the documents can be Portable Document Format - PDFs, Word docs, Power Point, SpreadSheets and any other documents recognized by Google Docs) on your server or Google servers and embed them into your sites. The path of the document does not have to be some on docs.google.com (but that works fine), it works as well they are on any other website but you have to enter the full path of the file.

You can define, configure and embed any number of jQuery images sliders into your site. You can define and use any number of Popups on your Joomla site. You can embed Google maps and direction into your site.

You can define and configure file packages (they can contain any number of files) the visitors can download for free or for money (Paypal payment included!).

You can define, configure and embed Community Builder advanced searches (this component works with any CB version!). Since JEmbedAll version 1.3 the search results can open in the same window, in a different window or in a modal window. Beyond that, you can give every user several powerful tools: they can save the search forms and search results, they can embed that saved search results as users lists, they can use CB privacy - a tool that restricts access to some fields, or even the users, on searches.

You can embed Facebook pages, posts, videos and images (depending on the Facebook privacy - in many cases all this have to be public for everyone to see), but you can also embed some plugins (Facebook activity, comments, facepile, likebox and recommendations).

You can find more details about every feature on our site: the JEmbedAll manual is online. goldengravel.eu/jembedall-manual. For the moment you should know that there are given some predefined strings that are replaced by the embed code, for example [ pdf = http://path-to-the-file ] will embed a PDF file, [ youtube = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7saIz2m0Ps ] will let you embed a Youtube video and so on, [ lightbox = http://path-to-the-file ] will show an image using a LightBox popup, jqslider to embed a jQuery slider, etc, etc. You can always modify this strings to whatever you consider fit for you. Attached to every string is a CSS style. The component is installed with some predefined CSS that come with the embed code in order to show it properly on page - that also can be modified to fit your Joomla template.

Starting with the 1.5 version you can generate and download e-books based on your website content. The Paypal payment was modified and extended: you can create shopping carts for files you want sell and the generated e-books.

Purchase and download JEmbedAll, the best Joomla native extension for you!
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