Inspired by the JAEMC extension, there are 2 featured added in JScheduler version 1.1:

If you are a psychologist or a coach it could be usefull for your patients to contact with you and, in the same time, to set an appointment when all of you have time. If you teach some courses and you need a tool to let people take part to your classes you should think about this one. Let's say that you manage a team of professionals, you have a busy schedule and you want to organize your meetings and your team's meetings - you are in the right place.

JScheduler is just the tool for that, it's a pretty ease to user Joomla! component: the visitor gets to see a calendar and a contact form. He / she choses an user to schedule a meeting, selects a date and a time, fills in his / her data and sends the message with a few words about them and why they want to meet you.

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