Welcome on this site
Welcome on this site

Hello. You are welcomed on this site, the base for your Joomla site development, developed using the component and plugin JEmbedAll. This pop-up is an example of what you can do with JEmbedAll: you can define any number of pop-ups (but only one of them can be set active), each one with its own width, height, and other details you need. You can add an image, a Flash file or an Joomla article inside the pop-up.

In order to purchase & download JEmbedAll visit our Download section. If you need more information about this component visit the JEmbedAll manual. You can find more information about how to configure the pop-ups here.

Purchase and download JEmbedAll, the best Joomla native extension for you!
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Pop-up example for JEmbedAll component and plugin into your Joomla site - Golden Gravel, the best toolbox for #Joomla development - Licence agreement: 0 out of 5 based on 0 reviews.