Joomla! 3.6.2 is now available - the quick follow-up bug fix release fixes some issues in email cloaking and sessions from Joomla! 3.6.1. released just a day before related to sessions on PHP 5.3 and some general email cloaking bugs:

  • PHP 5.3 users were unable to login
  • Cloaking emails could cause issues with placeholder and input values that were emails
  • Emails in links with attributes had the attributes stripped when email cloaking happens

The combined releases address nearly 150 bug fixes and some medium/low priority security issues. There were some known issues when updating to 3.6.1. Read about them here. For known issues with the 3.6.2 release, see the Version 3.6.2 FAQ in the documentation site.

You can download the latest Joomla! version from here.

Before upgrading to Joomla 3.6.2 make sure that you first upgrade all your components, including core "Joomla! Update Component Update" component.

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Joomla! 3.6.2 has been released - Golden Gravel, the best toolbox for #Joomla development - News: 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.