The policy about selling Joomla extensions (components, modules and plugins) on this site

The online manual has very detailed explanations and it is always updated as the Joomla extensions change or / and get to newer versions.

We strongly encourage you check this manual in order to find all the information you need in order to use the software.

We also strongly encourage to use the contact section (the technical and support) to ask any question you have if you are not clear about one functionality or another of any product on this site. You can also use the same contact section if you have any kind of technical problems after purchase. In any situation we will be glad to answer your questions, offer support and solve any problem you have with our products. The time to answer may vary between few minutes and 2-3 days (if you ask the questions during the holiday), but usually the time is less the 12 hours.

Purchase the products after learning everything you can about them because once you make the payment there is no refund.

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