This Unity 3D games was designed by Andreea Brad, a 13 years old girl from Oradea, Romania, in her CoderDojo classes. She is a student at Highschool Lucian Blaga, one teacher told her about CoderDojo movement for teaching children and teenagers how to write software code. During several months, with the help of their mentors, she has designed Candy-Maze, a game chosen to represent Romania to Dublin, Ireland, to CoderDojo Coolest Project 2015.

As Andreea says, "the purpose of the game is to make people happy, with all these sweets and the chosen music. The players have to collect all the cookies in a maze with sweet walls! You have to get over the obstacles, to ignore an annoying bee and you have to find stars in order to open the gates, otherwise you can't get the cookies to the next level.".

Watch the demo video from YouTube and convince yourselves. You can download the game for free.

Filename: CandyMaze.msi
Version number: 1.0
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Number of downloads: 375


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