The purpose of this website is to introduce you and to sell the Joomla extensions we have been developing, but it's only a part of our activity.

Websites are more than a presentation for an entity (business, club, association, etc), for a person or for a some project, they have become an extension to human activity and true channel of communication, information or pleasure. The services we are offering start with website development and web applications, continues with writing and optimizing the software code & scripts and search engine optimization.

If you are interested in any of our activities use this conditional form (created using theĀ JEmbedAll component for Joomla) to contact us provinding some necessary information about what you want, what you need and how you think we can work this out. You will get quality products for the right price. For more information contact us: theĀ technical support and the administrative support.

Web sites, software and services

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I want a website!

I want a website!

What CMS do I preffer

CMS = content managment system, the main element you need for a website, something that can be upgraded / developed further, according to your needs. Now it does not matter what CMS you have used before, it is important only what you are going to use for this site.

I know what I want from that web application

If you know exactly what you want it is good, it will be a lot simpler. If you are not sure what you want I can help you decide. I will cost you more, depending of the necessary time to make everything clear.

The description of the website

Tell me in a few words what you want to do with that website, how you want it developed, and so on. You can write only the main ideas (recommended) or you can offer some details, but do not write a lot of them.

How fast I want it done

How much money I want to pay

This job requires time and resources, it costs money. Tell me how much money do you want to spend for a quality product and service - in Euro.

My phone number

The name and the email address are mandatory for this form, the phone number is optional. But it is nice to tell me if you want us to discuss easier.

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